Hello Dear. I am an artist based in Hertfordshire UK using mostly watercolour and can often been seen out and about painting on the streets and wherever takes my fancy. Please join my Facebook Page for updates.


My garden is at it’s most beautiful in the Spring. To my delight last year, my neighbour Ken popped round and was hanging a bird feeder so I commented on how full and heavy his nut bags looked. He corrected me and said they were called “Fat Balls”. From Wilko. Well whatever they are, the birds can’t get enough of the seeds within, so I spent an afternoon sketching and painting them getting their fill.
Tits Around Fat Balls (2016)


I have fond memories of how my Frank could eat a whole box of Milk Tray in one sitting. You would only know he was there from the rustling and slurping from his armchair, nonchalantly tossing away the wrappers as he went along. My, what he wouldn’t do for a soft centre. I call this one:
Boyfriend Destroys My Chocolate Box (2012).


The chimney breast in my bedroom caved in on a very windy night in the storms of 2016. It made a terrible racket and I didn’t know what to do. Fortunately Ken from next door heard it collapse and the next day offered to plaster the damage. The sweetheart even moved my furniture and I painted him while he worked.
Neighbour Fills My Gaping Hole With Drawers Pulled To One Side (2016)

Thank you for looking at my work my darling. Please join my email pamphlet group if that infernal box pops up and you will be first to know about anything new I’m up to. I don’t understand Instagrams or Twittering much so dont bother with those unless any social medium types would like to give me a hand.